Differences between OnePlan free and OnePlan paid

Thinking it might be time to add more capabilties to your OnePlan group? Or maybe you want a little more admin control?  Here are some of the key differences between OnePlan free and OnePlan paid.

Capabilities   OnePlan Free OnePlan Paid
Portfolio Plan      
   Plan Details View   X X
   Timeline View   X X
   Tree View   X X
   Board View   X X
   Roadmap View   X X
   Business Process Steps   X X
   Prioritization   X X
   Portfolio Power BI Report Pack   X X
Resource Plan      
    Resource Planner     X
    Negotiations     X
    Resource What-if     X
    Resource Power BI Report Pack     X
Financial Plan      
   Financial Planner     X
   Financial What-if     X
   Pivot Chart     X
   Financial Power BI Report Pack     X
Work Plan      
   Standard Work Planner   X X
   Advance Work Planner     X
   Gantt   X X
   Boards   X X
   Scheduler   X X
   Project Status Power BI Report Pack   X X
My Work      
   My Work   X X
   My Timesheet     X
   Timesheet Power BI Report Pack     X
Status Reports      
   Status Reports   X X
   Collaboration – Microsoft Teams   X X
   Productivity – Microsoft Project Plan 3 or Plan 5   X X
   Productivity – Microsoft Project for the Web     X
   Productivity – Microsoft SharePoint Workspaces     X
   Productivity – Microsoft Office 365 Planner     X
   Productivity – Azure DevOps     X
   Productivity – Jira     $
   Productivity – Aha     $
   Platform – Power Apps     $
   Platform – SharePoint     $
   Platform – Dynamics 365     $
   Platform – ServiceNow     $
   Platform – SalesForce     $
   ERP – SAP     $
   ERP – PeopleSoft     $
   Other Connectors (see integration page)     $
   OnePlan OneAnalytics     $
   Private Cloud Connector     $
   Microsoft Power Apps Platform Accelerator     $
   Microsoft SharePoint Platform Accelerator     $
   Microsoft Azure DevOps Accelerator     $


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