Project Accelerator for Project for the web and Power Apps

The Microsoft Project Accelerator installs a pre-configured instance of Power Apps and Project for the web that supports industry-specific standards and best practices for Project Portfolio Management

Extend Project for the web into a robust Project, Portfolio and Work Management solution using the Project Accelerator

OnePlan worked closely with the Microsoft Engineering and Product Marketing teams to create the new Project Accelerator for Project for the web. The Accelerator provides immediate value to address the needs of many organizations and the building blocks to satisfy more detailed requirements. This flexibility and versatility is the real promise of the Microsoft vision and the Power Platform.



Reduce the cost, duration, and complexity of a typical PPM solution deployment and get up and running with the Microsoft PPM Accelerator to prove value instantly.


Microsoft Project Accelerator installs a preconfigured instance of Power Apps that supports industry-specific standards and best practices including Gartner and PMI.



Gain full insight into project performance and progress with specifically designed reports that will help enforce better decision making.

Demand Management

Don’t miss out on the next big idea. Innovation can come from anywhere. To foster innovation teams must be able to collect, vote, and prioritize every new idea. In many cases, it’s the consolidation of multiple ideas that generate winning products. Engage your teams and empower out-of-the-box thinking to drive innovation across the Enterprise.

Program Management

Leverage program management to deliver strategic initiatives. Reach across traditional organizational and geographic silos.

Project Management

Stay organized, focused, and in charge. Tackle anything from small projects to large initiatives. You may or may not be a project manager, but now you can be the boss of any project with a powerful, easy-to-use app.

Portfolio Insights/ Risk Management

Quickly and accurately identifying issues to create visibility around risks bolsters an organization’s knowledge to adjust projects and processes for the optimal outcome.

Reporting and Analytics

Making decisions is nearly impossible without a complete view of all the work that is currently in play. In today’s world, leaders must be able to shift quickly and with confidence to stay ahead of the competition.  Create quick and easy-to-use reports and dashboards to gain insights into the data that means the most to you.

Extending the Project Accelerator into a robust Adaptive Project Portfolio Management Solution using OnePlan

OnePlan developed additional advanced capabilities to extend the new Project for the web Accelerator into a full-featured Adaptive Project Portfolio Management solution that exceeds the functionality of Project Online. This complete solution meets all 9 of Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Project Portfolio Management Requirements.

Align OKR’s to Your Unique Hierarchy

OKRs have many levels in the enterprise. While all objectives will connect back to enterprise goals, each business unit may have a unique version, based on its customer focus. The same goes for departments within each business unit.

Additionally, large organizations are typically a matrix, with additional strategies for teams such as value streams, functional groups, and geographical teams which span multiple business units. OnePlan allows you to manage different levels and versions of OKRs. Whether you need a view by business unit, value stream, program or product area, OnePlan supports the many hierarchies and matrices in an enterprise.

Portfolio Prioritization and Analysis

OnePlan supports the creation of Portfolios with owners, budgets, objectives, and benefit targets. Portfolio Analysis can be done using conventional stack ranking based on prioritization scoring, and scenarios can be created that consider budget and resource constraints.

Resource and Financial Management

The OnePlan Solution includes rich capacity-based resource planning regardless of the tool being used to manage the project. This enables organizations to understand resource commitments across all projects and initiatives and track resource actuals and changing forecasts.

Integration with the Work Tools of Today

OnePlan supports using both Project for the Web and Microsoft Project Professional as end-user scheduling tools. It also supports using Planner, SharePoint lists, Azure DevOps, and JIRA, providing seamless access to the work management tools of choice across an organization.

Full Scaled Agile Support

OnePlan includes the ability to create sprints, program increments, epics and allows you to define the relationships between them. It also enables resourcing based on sprints, stable teams, and cross-functional teams.

My Work and Timesheet Capabilities

The OnePlan solution includes functionality to consolidate tasks and other to-dos (issues and risks) into a single view for statusing and reporting time for Team members.


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