With Scrum Agile project methods dominating work management, organizations require practical methods for achieving agile project portfolio management. The growth of Scrum Agile beyond IT and software development also places more pressure on Portfolio and Program Managers to consolidate all Agile work in the organization. For agile portfolio management, it does not matter the level of maturity or the Enterprise Agile method implemented, the core elements of portfolio selection and prioritization, financial, resource and time management remain necessary aspects for Agile Portfolio Management. In this webinar we will show how Azure Boards can be used together with OnePlan product to achieve Agile Portfolio Management. Azure Boards, a component of Azure DevOps, is available to all parts of an organization to plan Scrum Agile Projects. Wicresoft’s OnePlan product provides the missing capabilities that enable the Portfolio Management process. Please join us to learn practical ways to consolidate agile projects in the organization to achieve agile portfolio management with Azure DevOps and OnePlan.