Microsoft Project has been the most widely used Project Management software for several decades now.  The advent of Project Server, and subsequently Project Online extended its reach to advanced portfolio management as well.  These tools are widely used today and leverage the synergies with Office 365 and SharePoint.

As the Microsoft cloud platform and tools continue to advance, the capabilities and possibilities continue to increase.  The advent of Microsoft’s Power Platform, and the Common Data Service (CDS) provide brand new opportunities to revolutionize project and portfolio management with low-code/no-code apps, process automation, application integration, artificial intelligence and powerful insights with business intelligence/predictive analytics.

OnePlan has embraced these advances from early in their formation, and has successfully implemented solutions based on them for many customers.  However, it is not a one-size fits all world and we can meet customers where they are at in their journeys.

This webinar will discuss and demonstrate solutions and customer use cases at varying levels of readiness and capabilities.  For customers just getting started, to those who have mature, advanced needs.  These include:

  • Crawl Stage – Project for the web, and Power BI content pack reports
  • Walk Stage – Pre-built PPM Accelerator in Power Apps with core capabilities and best practices included
  • Run Stage – Adaptive/Hybrid PPM supporting a variety of execution tools, methodologies, frameworks and advanced capabilities

Come see how Microsoft Project and the Power Platform can help your organization meet its diverse, cross-functional needs, while also providing leadership with the results, outcomes and benefits that will bring the competitive edge it strives for.